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LeaderMessage is designed to work by delivering leadership development as an integral part of the leader’s role.

LeaderMessage is created in response to the demand from organisations to deliver a solution that brings leadership development into the workplace.

All managers want to lead well. The levels of commitment and motivation we see in leadership workshops are something that organisations should benefit from, but too often the demands of the job mean that good intentions are lost or left behind.

LeaderMessage ensures that the awareness needed to be a good leader is delivered in the moment, and directly to the workplace.

LeaderMessage chooses SMS text messaging as the primary means of  communication to maximise efficiency and value, delivering coaching style questions to prompt real action by the manager. Messages are supported by e-mail delivered content in greater depth to be read when needed and kept for reference, or built as a portfolio of leadership evidence.

SMS messages are the fastest and easiest to access means of communicating in the workplace.

LeaderMessage is designed by consultants with over 25 years of leadership development experience and expertise across a number of sectors.

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