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LeaderMessage is designed to add value.

We know that organisations want to strengthen leadership by investing in their people. We know how hard it is to focus on that behaviour change when you get back to the busy job. We know there is a desire to apply leadership learning. We know senior managers are a key link in the process to make change happen in the organisation, we know organisations want to see a return on their investment.

So we created LeaderMessage.

It works well because it focuses on simple but realistic behavioural changes that leaders can do in the moment; in their role.

It works well because it’s not intrusive, messages are infrequent and randomly delivered, letting people get on with the job.

It works well because sometimes developing leaders need permission to put their learning into practice - LeaderMessage promotes that.

It works well because it involves participant’s managers, that way they can easily support the process of learning and reflection.

It works well because it provides a means of showing evidence of people’s application of leadership, and the changes that happen in the organisation as a result.

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