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We make leadership for the workplace.

We believe that’s where leadership belongs. We love leadership theory of course, but our mission is to help leaders apply their leadership in practice, and make it stick. LeaderMessage is about making that happen.

Whether you are starting your organisational journey in leadership, or whether you have a strong culture you want to reinforce, LeaderMessage works with your needs to give you results.

We work with you to identify the behavioural change you want to see from your leadership investment, and then create a 3 month programme of coaching style prompts that are delivered by SMS text message. We supply support materials and train line managers to support participants, so that there is maximum opportunity to explore application consistently across the business.

We can also work with your existing organisational development systems to ensure you see evidence of application and help identify your future leaders.

LeaderMessage is designed by consultants with over 25 years of leadership development experience and expertise across a number of sectors.

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